Sweet LOOP Awesomeness with The Grizzly boys!

I’ve got to say that one of my all-time favorite fly gear builders is LOOP Tackle

This is a little vid compilation (which is also found in NSA vol 2) of some rowdy good times starring Joe Rood and Robby Mason from Gunnar and the Grizzly boys (and a few other Rabble from along the way). A while back Joe and Rob ended a 26 hour marathon drive when they pulled up to my front door at Casa del Rowdy and for the next 10 days it was Fly Fishing/Music Making/Video making Mayhem.  Hoppers on the Teton, Hoppers on “Coconut Creek”, Hoppers on Bitch Creek, Cougars at Trout Hunter and we even topped it off with a little camp fire time with Miss April Vokey and Miss Adrienne Comeau. In fact earlier on that very last day we filmed Fly of My Dreams shot by the old Teton Dam site. What good times and Great Memories! Hope you like it! Love your comments and feedback! And remember Don’t Miss The Costa Rica Challenge airing on the WFN this Sunday night at 8:30 MST!!!

Marc Crapo

Fly of My Dreams Music Video shakes loose!!! 5k views in 48 hrs!

Fly of My Dreams from Marc Crapo on Vimeo.

Fly of my Dreams is an original song written for me by Joe Rood from Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys. I filmed the music video on location in Ashton Idaho one afternoon in August 2010. I used a canon HV30 with an RNG35 adapter and a cinevate flip device. Song was recorded at Moon Room Studios Courtesy of Payte Cagle and paid for by Marc Crapo all rights reserved. “Down with the Foot” is a collaboration effort comprised of Joe Rood (guitar/lead vocals), Robby Mason (Lead Guitar/backup vocals/bass), Marc Crapo (Harmonica) and Royce Klingler (egg shakers). This is my first attempt at a “music video”. Any tips, comments and or feedback are welcome. This content is made possible by flywallets.com my custom leather work business. Music video will be featured on my upcoming film NSA vol. 2 for more information please visit our website: nosportsallowed.com

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No Sports Allowed Vol 2 Coming soon!

First of all thanks to the following: (for ordering Vols. 1 & 2) Kurt, Shooter, Scott, Jason and Rick! And thanks also to Patrick, Benton, Jay, Buck and Brian for ordering Vol 2! I would like to give you all an update and let you know that the video is progressing nicely. If you liked vol 1 you will love vol 2. For Sure! We appreciate your patience and we are working on getting a firm date for release! Meanwhile I would like to thank Rob and Keith for ordering hats. We’ve got hats (black and white, flex fit one size fits almost all, and brown/straw adjustable), t-shirts, (long and short sleeve) and women’s T-s as well. So if you’re itching for something with the logo on it please don’t hesitate to email me directly for an update on what’s currently available. Women’s t’s are going to be on special so call for pricing. Also if you haven’t seen the decals email me for photos. I can take orders for vinyl window stickers (they are big) if interested.

Since we are a small operation and work on a tight budget with limited gear we really appreciate all of the support as we strive to bring you home town good old boy fishin, how it’s meant to be.

So far we’ve got Salmon Flies on the Henry’s Fork, River X with all the waterfalls and goodies, some very hot small creek hopper dropper fishin. I’m about to work on some spring creek footage with big fat bows, a chapter of brown trout eating hoppers in October, and of course we will carry on with the family tradition and bring you back up to Henry’s lake and you’ll get to witness some stuff that is pretty unique/epic.

We’ve got some hunting footage that we are debating what to do with. Email me if you would like to see the Klingler Brothers bow hunting elk. Would love any feedback you all can muster. Also if you’ve ordered something besides vol 2 and you have yet to receive it please let me know via email.

Thanks again for all your help, encouragement and support.

Marc “MacRowdy” Crapo


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NSA vol. 2 available for Pre-Order NOW!!! Yay!

Pre-order today $15.95 shipped or order vol 1 and 2 for $19.95 shipped! Already have vol 1? Give one to a friend!!!

NSA vol. 2 how we do… from Marc Crapo on Vimeo.

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Schwag Sightings! Matt Heron!


Matt and I met a few years back when he first started working for the fly fishing film tour and we ended up on the road together with Thad Robison for the 2009 Film tour. We had some crazy adventures for sure!!! There’s no one quite like Chooch!

Marc “Rowdy” Crapo

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Schwag Sightings Jennifer Wolter!!!!

Jennifer Wolter doing it with style!!!

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Kicked in the Penis!

Free For all Friday

Just a laugh going into the Memorial Weekend.

Tiger Muskie Tots on Your Head!

This is hitting cyberspace like Paris Hilton’s panties, but it is Rowdy!  And I do mean Rowdy! Rowdy himself catches this sick Tiger on a 2 WT rod with 3XGET IT!!!!

Great Day On the Fork! The Only Fork!

The”No Bull Guide School”  Schooled the H.F. on Tues.  That doesn’t happen very often!  Enjoy some pics of the day taken by Brandon Huerta who has mastered the School. Ha

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The Rumors are True: No Sports Allowed Vol. II

Free For all Friday

I know I am a day late and a dollar short, but this is too good to not get out!

Check it out!

East Idaho Fly Tying Expo

Free For All Friday

Don’t forget to get to the Expo this week.

The 17th Annual East Idaho Fly Tying Expo

April 16th & 17th 2010  Shilo Inn, Idaho Falls Idaho

The first Expo was in held 1994, primarily to showcase the talent of local flytyers and to share the art of flytying with local fisherman.  Since then, the Expo has grown exponentially into one of largest and the most respected shows of its kind in the entire country.  Now, in addition to seeing the best of local talent tying patterns for all area waters, the Expo attracts flytyers from all over the country and the world, who share their differing styles and techniques for tying flies for trout, salmon/steelhead, bass/warm-water, salt-water, still-water and exotic species.

Although the Expo’s emphasis is still on flytying demonstration, it also highlights all aspects of the art of flyfishing.  The Expo offers free instructive programs and more detailed tying, fishing and casting workshops, for all ages, male and female.  In addition, the Expo offers free casting, flytying and fishing instruction for the youth.  The Expo   has commercial exhibitors that offer the best of flytying and fishing materials and equipment.

The Expo is also a fund raising event for area conservation projects.  Just in the last few years, the Expo has raised well over $150,000 that has been used on numerous conservation projects in the South Fork of the Snake, Henry’s Fork and Salmon River watersheds.   Through various matching grant programs offered by government agencies and private trusts, these funds are multiplied 2x, 3x or even 4x fold for the benefit of area conservation projects.  The funds raised has also enabled the SRC’s to create fly fishing/tying education programs at numerous area schools.

Please join us, you won’t be disappointed.

Fly Tying and Fishing Expo;  FREE General admission.

  • Friday      16th – 8am to 6pm
  • Saturday  17th – 8am to 4pm

Fundraising Banquet;  Tickets $30

  • Saturday   17th – 5:30pm to 9:30pm.

For Expo information, workshop registration and ticket packages, contact;
Jimmy’s All Season Angler (208) 524-7160

or drop by:

275 A Street
Idaho Falls, ID  83402

The Shilo Inn Hotel and Convention Center in Idaho Falls is again the host facility for the Expo.   A block of rooms has been set-aside at a special rate for all Expo attendees.  Don’t forget to request the special rate when you make your reservations.

780 Lindsay Blvd
Idaho Falls, ID 83402