Sweet LOOP Awesomeness with The Grizzly boys!

I’ve got to say that one of my all-time favorite fly gear builders is LOOP Tackle

This is a little vid compilation (which is also found in NSA vol 2) of some rowdy good times starring Joe Rood and Robby Mason from Gunnar and the Grizzly boys (and a few other Rabble from along the way). A while back Joe and Rob ended a 26 hour marathon drive when they pulled up to my front door at Casa del Rowdy and for the next 10 days it was Fly Fishing/Music Making/Video making Mayhem.  Hoppers on the Teton, Hoppers on “Coconut Creek”, Hoppers on Bitch Creek, Cougars at Trout Hunter and we even topped it off with a little camp fire time with Miss April Vokey and Miss Adrienne Comeau. In fact earlier on that very last day we filmed Fly of My Dreams shot by the old Teton Dam site. What good times and Great Memories! Hope you like it! Love your comments and feedback! And remember Don’t Miss The Costa Rica Challenge airing on the WFN this Sunday night at 8:30 MST!!!

Marc Crapo

Costa Rica Challenge Hits IF4 in Idaho Falls and Bozeman Montana March 16th!

 Friday March 16th 2012

 Paramount Theatre

2085 Niagara, Idaho Falls, ID 83404 – (208) 523-1142

Doors open: 6:30pm  Show starts: 7:00pm

Festival tickets can be purchased in advance on this site through the IF4 Online Box Office and are available through Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler.

Friday March 16th 2012

 Emerson Theatre

111 South Grand Avenue  Bozeman, MT 59715

Doors open: 6:00pm  Show starts: 7:00pm

Festival tickets can be purchased in advance on this site through the IF4 Online Box Office and are also available in the following fly shops:  Montana Troutfitters and Greater Yellowstone Flyfishers.

Presented by: Detonation Studios!

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Watch this Wednesday!!! Willy J Coastal Backpack Review!!!

At times like this in the dead of winter we all need a reminder of wet wading, sunburns, scratches and bruises… cans of worms  local bikini clad babes bridge jumping and ravenous trout that can’t stop themselves from snarfling big fat Drakes… it is the few fleeting weeks of magical dry fly fishing each summer that produce the rowdiness you’re about to witness in this Willy J Coastal Back Pack Review. Ladies and Gents when you’re ready to come experience the euphoric insanity of the Henry’s Fork at the end of July you know who to call!

The COSTA RICA CHALLENGE World Premiere!!!!

The Long awaited day has finally come!!!
This coming Sunday Feb. 5th 8:30pm MST the Costa Rica Challenge will air on the WFN!!!
Please check your local listings and join us for a ROWDY SCANDALOUS GOOD TIME!!!
Please spread the word!!!


The N.S.A. fellas.

The Only Sneak Preview You Need to Worry About!

Here is the latest Sneak Preview for the Costa Rica Challenge that airs in November 2011 on the WFN!


The Costa Rica Challenge – Exclusive Sneak Preview from N.S.A. on Vimeo.

Come Film With the NSA BOYS!!!

NSA Filming Adventure

The NSA boys are doing about 5-7 filming projects this summer that will showcase the rowdy adventures located in Idaho.  These filming events will be showcased in NSA volume  4!

BTW!  NSA Volume 2 arrives tomorrow!!!!

Check out the video below!

Come Film With N.S.A. !!!! from N.S.A. on Vimeo.

Details of Filming with the NSA boys:

Cost: $495 for 2 people for one day. 6 person limit per day.  Lunch and dinner included!

Trips: Below are estimated dates when we will do these filming projects.  The specific dates will be between these dates posted below.  If interested, email info@premierflyfishing.net

  • June 1 – 5 – Salmon Flies
  • June 20 – July 4 Henry’s Fork Walk and Wade
  • July 5-9 West Idaho Salmon Flies
  • July 11-16  Yellowstone National Park Monster Cutties on stillwater and creeks.
  • August 3 -11  Selway River Whitewater for dry fly action overnight camping for 4 days.
  • August 8 – 13 Exclusive Hidden Waters in SE Idaho.
  • August 22-24 Super Secret Spring Creeks.
  • September – Elk Bow Hunt
  • October – Owyhee
  • December – Lake Powell Stripers.

Come enjoy the Rowdiness!

The Costa Rica Challenge Trailer. Getcha Popcorn Ready!

The Costa Rica Challenge

Rumors are flying, and it turns out they are true.  There is a new fly fishing movie that is about to take the industry by storm!

In the heart of Central America, 5 veracious trout fisherman, launch on a salty journey that most said couldn’t be done. One Country, Two Oceans, Three Species, 430 Kilometers all in 36 Hours. Is it possible?

Catch The Costa Rica Challenge this Fall on WFN, the International Fly Fishing Film Festival and DVD!

The Costa Rica Challenge from N.S.A. on Vimeo.

At long last Vol. 2 is ready for mass Production

VOL 2 DVD Cover

Here's what to look for in the mail!

Here’s the update! We just wrapped up the final final final cut master two nights ago. Yes it has been a long time coming with missed release dates along the way. HOWEVER, we sincerely believe it is gonna be worth the wait!!!
We shipped out bootlegs to those who had pre ordered vol 2 (if you have pre ordered and you did not receive a bootleg copy please contact marc@flywallets.com and we will get one out to you!). Here is a copy of the what the DVD will look like. sure hope you like it!

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Fly Wallets Blowing up BUGSLINGER STYLE!!!


Check it out everybody the new Bugslinger Fly Wallet Collaboration Series! First time a wallet like this has a price point under $100. And better yet you can buy it online!

Vol. 2 Is in the Final editing stages Keep you eyes peeled and hang on tight it’s gonna be sick!!!!!

Marc Crapo

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